Friday, September 23, 2011

Twin Hills Ranch: Lots of Apples for the Picking

Our second stop in Sebastapol was at Twin Hills Ranch.  They are not advertised online as being a pick-your-own website, but they are so busy running their farm that they haven't had time to update online.  The staff are all really friendly, they provided our kids each with a little bucket and sent us off into the orchards.  After trying both the Jonathan and Golden Delicious variety we opted to pick mostly the Goldens, they were yummy.  Now that the kids are all older we had three buckets filled really quick!  They also have a cute little country store inside a big barn where you can buy all kinds of apple products, the kids tried out their apple bread (and I am sure I will be making something similar later this week) and we bought a giant jug of unfiltered apple juice.  For more information on Twin Hill Ranch you can visit their website: 

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Melanie said...

This totally brings back childhood memories of Apple Hill every fall. How fun!