Friday, September 23, 2011

Good Eats in Sebastapol: East West Cafe and Screamin' Mimi's

We ate lunch at East/West Cafe:

They have really good mediterranean food, we ordered the Meza for 2 and it was amazing.  The kids had a pita bread pizza, which they were not overly fond of, my kids tend to get a little weird about pizza though if it is not in the traditional form (which for them is usually Hawaiian style). 

We finished off our visit at Screamin' Mimi's:

This place is known for making their own ice cream and for having some really unusual flavors.  I had the rootbeer ice cream, which tasted just like a rootbear float, Noelle and Carson had "Mimi's Mistake", which was peanute butter ice cream with chocolate mixed in, and Reese went for Deep Dark Secret, a chocolate variety.  All of the chairs are painted with the name of one of their ice cream flavors. 

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Melanie said...

aaaaaaaaaaand now I want a root beer float.