Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Parade and Festival

We had our first annual Halloween parade and festival yesterday, it was so much fun. Lots of game booths (Brian and I were in charge of croquet, SO fun!) a petting zoo, haunted house....we had a great afternoon!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Scoops Night

Scoops Night at the ice cream parlor, a portion of the proceeds went to support our school. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reese's class

Can you find him in the picture?  This is Reese's class, the sleigh was used at a school auction, each class had a theme, ours was "Winter Wonderland".  The basket was filled with wintery themed items and auctioned off at our annual school fundraiser. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Endless party...

The party finally ended, here are a few more pictures.  That was a whole lot of kids in our house for almost 24 hours!!!!  The boys were kind enough to give up their bedroom for the night because Noelle couldn't fit them all in her room. 

Noelle's never ending birthday

We arrived home from Disney on Thursday night, and the party started Friday afternoon.  It is in fact still going on right now, I think we are down to 4 extra kids in the house!  Theme of the party: Monster High of course!  Noelle cannot get enough of Monster High. 

Goodbye Disneyland

We just loved all the decorations for was Disneyland....but BETTER!!!  A few random shots: the kids with their treats right before we left the park (105 degrees out, time to go home!) Carson could not stop eating the cotton candy for the photo, and we visited the Lego store in downtown Disney, we have a Lego store here, but they don't have these giant all Lego figures in the store.  Very cool. 

Goofy's Kitchen

My kids are just a wee bit past the age for these characters but we still had a great time at Goofy's Kitchen.  All the characters come to your table and visit with the kids! 

Ariel's underwater adventure

This was one of the rides that Noelle has been looking forward to, it has been heavily advertised on Disney Channel.  If you like the Little Mermaid, you will love this ride!

Grizzly Mountain

Brian took the kids on the rapids, and I later had a chance to go with Noelle and Reese.  Reese love anything scary: favorite ride was the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, but he also loved Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. 

Halloween Parade at Disneyland

I love the parades at Disneyland!  I didn't video the whole parade, but here were a few favorite parts. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington had a nice little visit with the kids.  FYI the Haunted Mansion is completely redone for Halloween with music and decorations from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  It was pretty cool. 

Are You Ready??

For Halloween!!  We have been at Disneyland this week, I will add a few more posts once I sort through the videos and pictures.  We LOVE Halloween at our house, it is right up there with Christmas as far as a favorite holiday.  And we also love Disneyland, so what better time to go there than during Halloween time!  The kids wore their costumes (although it was hot, so you will see the boys also NOT in full costume) and were able to trick or treat in the park, ride LOTS of rides, and meet some of the villains: Jack Skellington (who had quite a sense of humor) the Storm Troopers, Cruella De Ville and the Evil Queen from Snow White to name a few. It was one big, giant, trick or treating, Halloween party, and I have never seen so many costumes in my life!! 

Carson's Birthday

Carson wanted a Halloween/Bat/Vampire themed birthday this year.  We did pin the fangs on the bat, we had a bat pinata, and he had a Grim Reaper themed birthday cake.  He received Monopoly and Guess Who (Carson is very into board games these days) and he also received a Butterfly Garden...our caterpillars have all formed chrysalids and we are waiting for them to turn into butterflies in just a few more days. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cougar Call

1st graders performed at Cougar Call this morning, poor Reese was squinting right into the sun...