Friday, October 14, 2011

Are You Ready??

For Halloween!!  We have been at Disneyland this week, I will add a few more posts once I sort through the videos and pictures.  We LOVE Halloween at our house, it is right up there with Christmas as far as a favorite holiday.  And we also love Disneyland, so what better time to go there than during Halloween time!  The kids wore their costumes (although it was hot, so you will see the boys also NOT in full costume) and were able to trick or treat in the park, ride LOTS of rides, and meet some of the villains: Jack Skellington (who had quite a sense of humor) the Storm Troopers, Cruella De Ville and the Evil Queen from Snow White to name a few. It was one big, giant, trick or treating, Halloween party, and I have never seen so many costumes in my life!! 


Melanie said...

I've GOT to take these kids to Disneyland next year.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Charmaine! I'm going to Disney the first week of December. I can't wait! - Martina