Friday, September 30, 2011

Pumpkins already??

I just couldn't wait, the pumpkins had to go outside tonight!  They were $2.99 each at Trader Joe's, nice sized pumpkins.  Halloween is a favorite holiday around here, probably as much as Christmas, and every year I add a bit more on to the decorating.  We have two Halloween themed birthday parties this month, so I am planning to decorate as much as I can tomorrow for the two upcoming parties.  Carson is having a Halloween birthday party, with bats and vampires being a dominant theme, although he opted for a Grim Reaper birthday cake.  Noelle is having a Monster High birthday, which is her current obsession. 

Luna is so tolerant, she was standing on the front porch and I made her stand by the pumpkins.  She is definitely easier to pose than three children, and when I tell her to stay, she stays! 

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Melanie said...

I've got pumpkins and leaves and all sorts of fall goodies decorating our place...can't WAIT to head to the pumpkin patches! I was looking at all the cool heirloom pumpkins at Trader Joe's yesterday and had to hold myself back or we'll have 40 pumpkins by the end of the month! (I wish I was kidding. But I DO cook them up and freeze the puree to bake with all year, so I can justify it!)