Friday, September 23, 2011

California Carnivores: Venus Flytraps, Sundews and American Pitchers everywhere!

With the kids out for a three day weekend we headed into Sebastapol today, it is one of our favorite Bay Area towns to visit, located in the North Bay, just over an hour away.

First stop:  If you are not lucky enough to visit California Carnivores yourself (because they really do have a HUGE and amazing collection) but you want to buy a carnivorous plant they do have a website:

 I have had some trouble with my plants this past year, we talked to Peter, the owner, and it turns out tap water is BAD for these plants, so distilled water from now on...that and they need a certain type of soil.  We brought home 3 new plants, a B52 (the larger variety of Venus flytrap, a Sundew, these plants have a sticky substance all over them and are great for catching those pesky fruit flies, and an American pitcher, it's a tubelike plant, the flies go in but they don't come back out. 

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Melanie said...

No wonder my carnivores never make it! (That, and that Joel tries to feed them worms for entertainment.) Thanks for the tip. Now if I can keep Joel and the worms away........